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Benefits of Water Jet Cutting

Water happens to be one of earth’s strongest forces in existence, in the ocean you can feel the might of the waves and if that is not satisfactory the erosion of land features should be convincing enough. Water jet cutting is one of the ways through which man takes this force and puts it to use. In the modern day water jet cutting has become one of the most preferred precision cutting means. In an effort to come up with finished parts, many businesses such as manufacturing, architecture and machine shops apply this method of precision cutting. Operating and programming of a water jet table requires a lot of training.

Any precision cutting method will require you to be well trained to do some good cutting. Water jet cutting in another description is like machine induced erosion because the water will be passed through a very tiny nozzle under very high pressure usually nine hundred miles per hour or more. This method of precision cutting was first used in the seventies when it was used in the splitting of corrugated cardboards. Today the materials that you can cut with water jet cutting are many some are even better suited with this option. Abrasive cutting is similar cutting only that it adds a coarse substance to the water like granite. It is very effective in the cutting of copper, aluminum, brass, ceramics and glass among other materials. There are some artistic pieces of these materials that cannot be cut through traditional means but with this option you are able to deliver some unique shapes.

The benefits of water jet cutting could be what has earned it preference from many people using the technology, the benefits could vary depending with the industry of application. Water jet cutting eliminates heat affected zones(HAZ) in precision cutting. Traditional machines in cutting could transfer HAZ to the material being cut and alter the structure and properties of the material . When the intrinsic structure of a material is altered it becomes unfit to complete the intended project it was meant for.

Water jet cutting has a safety feature; it drops the pressure of the water to safe levels so that the operator does not suffer any harm. Harmful dust and particles are not emitted in water jet cutting making this option safe to use. The stream of water used here is very thin and it ensures that you are cutting at the right width hence no wastes of the material. What you had planned for is what you get with water jet cutting, there are no rough edges left just a clean cut of the material. The jet cutting method happens to be one of the most efficient, when the tables are automated producing parts becomes fast.

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