Advantages and Disadvantages of Low Potassium Diet

Potassium is one of the most essential components of a balanced diet which comprise of numerous effective nutrients in its configuration. But it is generally suggested that one must take potassium in their diet as too much potassium in a diet along with the combination of too much salt sometimes can raise the volume of death. The researcher’s teams United States centers of disease control and prevention made a survey on the American guys which shows that most of the American guys are dying due to intake of high potassium diet along with the salt. According to the research it is estimated that the intake of high potassium and high salt diet results in the death of more and more people due to the generation of several dangerous diseases.

It is advisable for the people to have a meal of low potassium diet as the intake of such diet will be very helpful in lowering the chances of causing the severe heart related disease as well a premature death too. According to the research, it is also found out that the excess amount of intake of so called salt in a diet is not a healthy sign for one as cutting the consumption of salt in a meal not only reduce heart related problem occurrence chances but also reduce hypertension too in a modest manner. The report also states that high consumption of salt in a diet by the American guys was begin in an era of 1970, they use to intake around twice of amount than the recommended limit of them every day.

A survey made by the CDC it is found out that the diet with high salt and low potassium sometimes proves to be risky one for a particular health condition. A survey was actually conducted for more than 12000 individuals. Which shows that a person who consume a high sodium diet as well as too little potassium diet also use to had a 50 percent more risk of death due to the arising of several heart related problems like heart attacks as well as other such relevant problems too.

Hence it is suggested for the people to take neither too high potassium diet nor too low potassium diet in their meal as the intake of such diets might results in their life threatening too. The diet must be that one which enhances one’s life in a perfect manner in spite of its threatening.

Resource Box- It is advisable for the people to have a meal of low potassium diet as the intake of low potassium diet will be very helpful in lowering the chances of causing the severe heart related disease.

Neelibringadi Thailam is the Solution to your Hair Problems

It is the desire of every human being to have thick and lustrous hair, as it enhances the beauty of an individual. Hair plays a major role and it is the only part needs special attention. Most of the people suffer from hair fall and dandruff and these are the two major reasons that can cause baldness. It is essential that you take proper measures to prevent thinning of hair. There are different reasons behind hair fall and so it is important to check beforehand. Lack of vitamins and minerals can affect the health and cause hair fall. You should consume vegetables, fruits and dairy products to ensure quality growth of the hair.

There are different products available in the market. With the use of the Ayurvedic product you can also regain the health of your hair. These products not only stops hair loss, but at the same time you will be able to gain the shine and the thickness that you always wanted to have. Neelibringadi Thailam is an Ayurvedic herbal oil that is manufactured in Kerala. It guarantees you to treat with all kinds of hair problem that you are currently facing with. It is essential that you should apply the oil for a few months to ensure dandruff free healthy hair.

Tips to use Neelibringadi Thailam oil:

It is for external use. The oil should be applied on the scalp and then massage the scalp for five minutes.

Apply the oil at night and wash your hair in the next morning.

You can also apply the oil in the morning half an hour before having your bath.

You need to apply it daily to get better and effective result.

Neelibringadi Thailam is a widely used herbal oil that contains some of the essential herbs which proves to solve multiple problems. It contains Neeli, Amalaki that helps to treat diseases that affects your hair and scalp. It nourishes the hair follicles that ultimately help to prevent loss of hair and ensures hair growth. It also possesses herbs like Indian gooseberry, Centella asiatica, Bacopa monnieri, Indigofera tinctora, etc. that gives a pleasant smell to your beautiful hair. It also gives you a soothing effect and relaxes your mind so that you can have a sound sleep at night. When you have healthy hair, it also symbolizes that you lead a healthy lifestyle. Apart from solving your hair loss and dandruff problem, the oil also fights against premature graying.

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Provo Health Insurance Broker

Do You Need Affordable Health Insurance in Provo Utah? Utah Health Insurance Broker can Help!

Many people in Provo Utah have asked me what the differences are between a “health insurance agent” and a “health insurance broker?” The main difference reside in the fact that most “agents” are captive meaning they represent one company, and often times they try to sell you on the company they represent. However, a “broker” on the other hand is independent of any one company, and, therefore, represents many companies. So why use a health insurance broker? Well, there are certain advantages to be had from using the services of a health insurance broker and your insurance premiums don’t go up as a result. You will pay the same price whether you use a health insurance broker or you go directly to any health insurance company.

So, you’re now saying to yourself, what’ the catch? How do these people get paid? The answer is that insurance companies pay these independent brokers a commission the cost of which is covered by inclusion in all health insurance premiums. In other words you’re paying for this broker’s advice anyway so why not take advantage of it! One of the great advantages of using a health insurance broker is the fact you gain access to unbiased advice. Since a broker represents many insurance carriers he is better equipped to find a plan and carrier that will most appropriately meet you needs.

The Three Sources of Health Insurance in Provo Utah:

There are three sources of insurance and two can reasonably be accessed online.

1. Captive agents are those selling for a single company.

2. Telephone agents sell only over the phone and again avail you of the insurance perks of a single company.

3. Brokers represent numerous insurance companies offering a variety of options in coverage and cost. They spend the time and effort accomplishing the task of researching and acquiring the necessary information in order to offer you the best combination of price, coverage and service.

OK, enlisting the services of a health insurance broker seems like a good idea. Now the next question arises, how does one find such a broker who is qualified to do the job and how does one know who are the effective ones and the ones that are less so. There are certain criteria that these people must meet in order to be in business. They must be licenses by the State, and unlike an agent who represents an insurance company, health insurance brokers represent you the client only.

Many of the best health insurance companies are based online. The trouble is with 100’s of different health insurance companies to choose from, only by using an individual with knowledge of the whole market, can you make an informed decision. At Utah Health Insurance Broker we know the Utah insurance inside and out, and have the experience to help you make the best possible decision.

Nitro Focus NO3 Muscle Building Review – Get Awesome Improve Your Muscle

If you desire to have slim an attracted body and want shed away the extra from body then you can large of number of supplement available online and offline which give assurance of stipulating muscularity to body in very short period of time but among such a huge list how to choose best one? The answer to your question is only Nitro Focus No3 which holds the number one in the market from very long time. This supplement is the revolutionary product which is practically proven on number of men without stipulating any dangers or side effects to them. The supplement helps in boosting the production of nitric oxide in your body which is very essential for muscle to gain mass and strength. This product can provide you hunk like body in a matter of few weeks.

What Nitro Focus No3 Muscle is all about? This revolutionary product contains many special components which works effectively as fat releaser and therefore improves working of muscle cells by transmitting high oxygen to muscles. Enhanced level of nitric oxide provides assurance of proper supply of oxygen and other needed nutrients to fatigue and to make you strong. The supplement is added with amino acids and many other enzymes which are very vital for muscle growth and mass building.

Users, who use Nitro Focus No3 on regular basis, experience these affects: In the initial phase of supplement, tremendous changes will seen in your in muscle growth and body. You can notice the improvement in the stamina and energy. This supplement not only diminish the extra fat of your body and converts into energy and but also enhance your muscularity.

Benefits of Nitro Focus No3–.. ? Some of the important benefits this amazing supplement: Effective in Pumping your muscles significantly which results to increase your confidence level Transmit oxygen and other vital nutrients to the muscles and them stronger and healthy Give definition and shape from your body Burns extra fat from your body Cut recovery time Boosts endurance threshold Increases energy and stamina Helps in repairing of muscles

Why Buy this Supplement? Because this is all natural No side effects You can maximize the growth of muscles Boost up NO production naturally Gain stronger muscles

How does it work? The components in this product will flow incredible energy throughout your body, and keeps you energetic the whole day.

Where to claim this Product? You can visit and log on to official website to claim your share of Nitro Focus No3 muscle by sitting at your home. To know more about us , Visit More

Health Insurance: You Simply Can’t Do Without It

An affordable health insurance plan should not only be low on premium but should also cover you and your family in every catastrophic incidents leading to health injuries. Such a health insurance is very tough to find especially in today’s time when the price of a simple non-de-script health insurance plan is so high that an average citizen of the country can’t even dream to subscribe to it.

Such conditions reigning in the market make the individuals totally oblivious of the benefits of a health insurance plan and to the extent that they don’t even search for health insurance quote from health insurance providers. They hold it a gospel truth that a health insurance plan will inevitably be expensive and a burden on their family income.

But the scenario is changing and we need to hasten the process. While the Congress is debating the various aspects of the health reform bill that is envisaging to make health insurance a public option, Insurance Care Direct is expanding its database of happy and satisfied customers who are proud owners of a comprehensive and affordable health insurance plan.

This plan guarantees a non-expensive as well as timely treatment in the event of a medical catastrophe. Subsidies on routine checkups, prescription costs, hospital expenses, ambulance expenses and other medical facilities are also provided under some affordable health insurance plans.

According to the statistics, majority of the citizens of the American nation depend upon their employer for health insurance coverage. At the same time the children are covered under their parent’s policies and the senior citizens are covered under the family plan their children have purchased. It’s a cycle and at the end of it, it boils down to the availability of affordable health insurance plans in the market.

If the organization isn’t providing its employees health insurance coverage then they eventually have to take an individual health insurance plan which also happens to be the most expensive. But with, you can get the cheapest health insurance quote for individual health insurance as well and stay covered and secured at every walk of life.

Affordable BYU Student Health Insurance

Finding affordable student health insurance in Utah doesn’t have to difficult, after all isn’t paying for the rising cost of college difficult enough? Many of Utah’s Universities require students to pay for their entire semester of health insurance premium up-front. Again this is expensive; especially when you’ve already drained you’re bank account to pay other college expenses. There are many low cost student health insurance providers in the state of Utah that currently offer plans. These plans are typically cheaper than the University health insurance plan, and in many cases provide better coverage. The other great thing with a traditional student health insurance plan is you don’t have to pay six month of premium up-front.

Since Provo Utah is a relatively large city you have a lot of options to sift through when it comes to student health insurance in Utah. But don’t feel like you need to go it alone–no sir! That’s what a Utah Health Insurance Broker is for. And the best part about using a health insurance broker is it costs you nothing! Brokers are paid a commission by the Utah health insurance companies, and you pay the same rate going through a broker as you would going straight to the health insurance carrier. So why not use a broker’s free advice to help you sort through the student health insurance jungle! Utah Insurance Solutions is Utah’s #1 health insurance broker!

Get a instant health insurance quote!

Provo and Utah County Hospitals
Currently there are six major hospitals serving Provo and the surrounding Utah county area. Intermountain Healthcare or IHC runs only 1 of those facilities. IHC operates the American Fork Hospital. IHC operates a number of other facilities along the Wasatch front, but only the one hospital.

Mountain Star Healthcare runs two of the hospitals in and around Provo. One being Timpanogos Regional in Orem and Mountain View in Payson. Mountain Star hospitals are in network for most networks so any health plan you choose should be fine with them

The other hospitals available are Orem Community in Orem, and Utah State and Utah Valley Regional in Provo. Again, these hospitals are in network for most health plans.

BYU Student Health Insurance Companies
There are five health insurance companies serving Utah and most of them are based in and around Provo Utah.



*Altius Health

*Regence BlueCross BlueShield


BYU Student Dental Insurance
There are many options to choose from for dental insurance in Provo. Utah Insurance Solutions can custom fit the right provider to you depending if you only want a discount plan, need orthodontic coverage or have special needs. We offer dental insurance through Regence BCBS, Delta Dental, Select Health, Humana One, Assurant, Dental Select and a number of other options. Please Contact Us to learn more about dental plans in Provo: 801-372-2647, or email: Bret Harding: [email protected]

BYU Student Maternity Insurance
There are many options for maternity insurance Provo, and finding the right maternity plan can be very tricky. Each health insurance company handles maternity in a different way, and all the carriers have different maternity deductibles. To learn more about maternity insurance and supplemental maternity insurance plans in Provo please give us call: 801-372-2647, or email: Bret Harding: [email protected]

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Everything You Need to Know About Short-Term Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance provides healthy individuals and families without health coverage with a safety net in case of emergencies. Most of these polices last between six months to a year, although the coverage period can be as short as 30 days, and can be renewed for as long as 36 months. Applying is simple and you can get your policies issued the day following approval. And, depending on the plan, you can enjoy individual coverage of as high as $5 million. However, this type of insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, or health problems that were documented before you applied for health insurance; the look-back period varies according to your state’s laws. And if you’ve ever been denied coverage, you may not qualify for temporary insurance. Insurers also do not sell this type of insurance to applicants above 65 years old.

There are other drawbacks with this kind of health coverage. If you’ve made a claim, you will likely not be renewed under that particular policy and will have to re-apply for a new policy. Also, the illnesses or health problems you made the claim for in the old policy may be treated as a pre-existing condition and may result in you being denied renewal or a new policy. These policies also do not include dental or eye health coverage, as well as care for pregnancy and childbirth.

The advantages of taking out short-term insurance include: you can see any health provider you want; if you are hospitalized however, you need to get pre-certification from the insurer or they may not reimburse your hospital bills; premiums are relatively low as insurers expect that the insured will make few claims; and coverage can include your spouse and dependent children. Some plans may also cover preventive health services such as Pap smears, but not all of them do, so you have to read the terms of any policy you are applying for carefully.

One thing you should appreciate is that limited-term health plans will not cover the entire cost of your health expenses; there will still be a deductible, above which most insurers will pay some portion of the remaining costs. And if you can, pay your premiums up-front, since many insurers will provide you with a discount as an incentive for doing so.

Who should get short-term health insurance? If you’re between jobs, a recent college graduate still looking for employment or a temporary worker who is not eligible for coverage under your company’s existing health plan, a limited-term plan may be for you. If you’re a formerly dependent child who has reached the cut-off age and is not a full-time student, this type of temporary plan can ensure that you remain covered until you get health insurance. In short, if you are momentarily without health insurance for whatever reason, and in good health, a limited-term plan will ensure that you will be covered for emergency treatment if you need to be hospitalized and save you from out-of-pocket expenses that might otherwise wipe you out financially. It is the cheapest way of getting health coverage until you can get permanent health insurance.

Facts and Information about Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic injections are used by people who want to eliminate body fat. The shots work by increasing the body’s metabolic rate. The fatty deposit then dissolves and weight will be lost. Unlike other treatments, this method focuses on all body regions instead of a single area.

The injection is made up of a mixture of B vitamins. Along with those, some shots also contain choline and inotisol. These substances are very effective in assisting the liver in removing fat from the body. An individual can have the treatment up to two times each week.

In addition to helping a person lose body weight, there are also other benefits that come along with each injection. One of them is detoxification. The treatment boosts the bile secretion which causes substances to move more quickly and freely through the system. Most patients find that they feel more energetic and are in better health.

Anyone interested in starting the treatments must first discuss it with their physician. They can run tests to ensure that the body would not be compromised in any way. Not all people are eligible for the shots.

An individual must be in good overall condition, not have any liver problems and be willing to take other measures to help reduce fat. This would include making the necessary lifestyle changes such as eating healthier and working out. There are no miracle methods of losing weight and anyone who is serious about shedding the pounds must put forth a lot of effort. It is the only way to guarantee results.

As with any treatment, there are a few side effects that go along with the shots. One of the most common is upset stomach. Patients have also reported feeling depressed.

Lipotropic injections are helpful in eliminating fat. It is also important to eat right and get exercise. In no time at all the weight will be gone. is the leading manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of dietary supplements and injections. We are the FIRST and ONLY Company to develop a true Oral version of the MIC Lipotropic injectable formula, called Lipovingual. We also carry a wide range of MIC lipotropic injections. Our proprietary formulas and tademarked names are Lipovite, Lipovingual and Lipovimino. We also carry Oral and Injectable B12 and HCG, as well as MIC and MIC b12 injections. Visit us today! (

The Best 5 Herbs To Keep Your Adrenals Healthy

Taking care for your adrenals glands is the key to optimal health so today I’m sharing my favourite herbs to support adrenal health. These are adaptogenic herbs, which mean they increase the ability of your body to withstand stress. They have a balancing effect and support your immune system, which is suppressed with chronic stress. Research shows that adaptogens work by helping to regulate the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis as well as on a cellular level, priming cells to respond appropriately to stress.

RHODIOLA Used by the Vikings to improve mental and physical endurance, Rhodiola is a potent adaptogenic herb, which is also anti inflammatory, antioxidant, anti anxiety and anti fatigue. A Swedish study gave Rhodiola to 30 people diagnosed with fatigue syndrome and a placebo to a control group of 30 healthy people. After 4 weeks both groups were assessed via saliva cortisol and the results were compelling, the fatigued people taking Rhodiola had a better cortisol response to stress and were more able to concentrate effectively. I use Rhodiola for both mild and severe adrenal fatigue and know that I feel much better taking it every day.

SIBERIAN GINSENG A large study reviewed the results of a number of clinical trials involving 2,100 healthy men and women ages 19 to 72. Subjects were given doses of ginseng ranging from 2 to 16 ml of fluid extract, 33 percent ethanol, from one to three times daily for up to 60 days. Subjects had increased mental alertness and work output, enhanced athletic performance and improved work quality. They also exhibited an improved ability to withstand adverse conditions such as heat, noise, increases in workload and physical exertion.

WITHANIA A traditional Ayurvedic herb, withania was used to treat debility, nervous exhaustion and chronic inflammation. Studies show that withania has a direct effect on the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis and balances cortisol levels. A recent clinical trial found that treatment with Withania resulted in a decrease in stress and significant decrease in the stress hormone cortisol in a group of men with stress induced infertility. The test group of men took 5g of Withania daily for three months and not only did their stress levels decrease but their sperm quality improved. 14% of the partners in the test group were pregnant at the end! As a side note, withania also supports thyroid health, which I often see affected by tired adrenals.

ASTRAGALUS Astragalus is traditionally used for chronic weakness, fatigue and low immunity. When I think of Astragalus I think of a long term inability to fight infections. When someone gets an infection, and then relapses a couple of times. They are burning the candle and possibly have an autoimmune condition in their family history. A study showed that Astragalus increased natural killer cell activity, a type of immune cell critical for optimal health.

LICORICE One of my other favourites due to its warming, sweet tones and its incredibly powerful adaptogenic action. One study showed that it has an anti inflammatory action similar to the drug hydrocortisone. I prescribe licorice for my clients who are at the end stage of adrenal burnout and their adrenals are not producing enough cortisol. A compound in licorice called glycyrrhizin can extend the half-life of cortisol. Interestingly, research has shown that in people with normal adrenal function, licorice doesn’t increase cortisol. Instead it has a balancing effect on cortisol for people that have low levels.

Emma Sutherland is a successful mum, author, naturopath and TV presenter and her mission in life is to inspire women to get their mojo back. She has featured in print media such as Marie Claire, Body and Soul, New Idea, Sunday Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald and MX. Her radio experience includes Body & Soul and a regular health spot with Bianca Dye for the last 3 years. Emma’s online presence is huge and in her popular blog she reveals the latest research information, recipes from her upcoming book as well as tips and tricks to a life filled with Mojo. Emma can be found at her busy client centered clinic in Balmain.

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Humana Health Insurance Plan

What is a health insurance?

Health insurance allows a person to get the medical treatment for any unexpected illness without having to pay the full cost. It is often confusing to choose the appropriate health insurance company. It would be wise to first decide on how much you can afford. Humana health care insurance offers various plans to suit each individual to cover your medical commitments.

All about Humana Health Care:

Humana health Insurance allows you to cover the costs associated with the treatment you undergo. Whenever you or any member of your family falls ill, all you need to do is go to one of the health care facility that is a participating member and show your Humana health care insurance card. You can get the required medical treatment at a discounted rate. In most cases, you need only to pay a co-payment while the rest of the amount is billed to Humana health insurance.

Plans to choose from:

Humana health care plans vary from place to place. You have several insurance plans to choose from. Some of them like Autograph, Portrait, Monogram, and Annual Max Plan have their own restrictions. Each one has a different monthly cost and annual deductible. Some select plans have a separate deductible for prescriptions.

Advantages of Humana Health care insurance are many:

* Flexibility and control over your health care needs
* Option to customize your health insurance
* You can select the health care facility and doctors of your choice
* Even if you relocate within the coverage zone, you can still take your benefits with you

Although the benefits of Humana health care are many, it has to be kept in mind that it does not cover every state. People who live in places like New York, California, or New Mexico cannot enjoy the facilities of this wonderful insurance company. They need to find out other companies that provide medical coverage. Comparing the features of each one will help you to decide the right health care insurance for you and your family.

Also Humana health care plans are not the same for each area covered by it. While some areas have an option to choose from three available plans, others have access to all of the plans. You can select the one that best suits you by surfing online to find out the various Humana health care plans that are available for your area.

Specialty Benefits:

With some specialty plans, you will be able to protect the personal and financial health of yourself and your beloved ones. This includes Dental Insurance, Vision Care, Life Insurance, Workplace Voluntary benefits, and Disability coverage. We all know that dental health is an important aspect of our overall health. Human dental plans are well designed to prevent and treat dental problems. Humana Vision Care is a plan to protect your vision. Life Insurance plans makes sure you don’t sacrifice your dreams and goals in life. There are a host of others on the line such as Accident insurance, Critical illness coverage, and Supplemental health.

If you have the capacity to earn an income, you must have the willingness to ensure it is protected as well. Humana health insurance is a way to protect not only your health but also your wealth. Because we all know that Health is Wealth.