Important Health Message To You Your Family and Friends

Whether you’re considered to be the very model of health and fitness or someone in remission, this is for YOU and the people in your life: What you are about to read may shock, disturb or stun you into a lengthy silence. You may feel bitter in that you’ve been conned in such a way.

However, if after reading this and it has made a lot of sense and at the same time given much opportunity, invaluable insight with the related joys from achieving optimum health, then I urge you to take immediate action and spread the world. Tell your friends. Educate them on how they too can be well, and like you live to a ripe old age! !

Unless you display ostrich-like behaviour, burying your head in the sand, saying “I’ll be alright…” you should be well aware of how a range of degenerative illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes… could cause serious illness or even take your life and therefore require an obvious need for precautionary measures. Especially when the statistics alarmingly show that these diseases are on the up.

The American Heart Association reports that currently some 16.3 million Americans have coronary artery disease, the most typical form of heart disease. 1 in 4 Americans will die of the disease.

The figures for cancer are equally disturbing. 1 and 2 men will have cancer, while the prediction for women is 1 in 3. In the UK, 1 in 8 will have breast cancer while 1 in 4 men will have prostate cancer sometime in their lives (Anticancer info UK).

Over 2 million have been diagnosed for diabetes in the UK. It is thought that another 1 million plus could be added to the list from those who don’t know they have it (Diabetes UK).

-All the above reflect escalating numbers.

What do we do to take precautionary measures?

Are there potential cures?

What are the psychological cause and effect relationships in illness and how can they differ from that of a healthy individual?

Have we been secretly programmed and brainwashed on health matters?

-Yes to ALL questions!

There are massive deceptions behind the medical / pharmaceutical establishment’s way of treating life-threatening illnesses, diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes…

Between them, the elite few at the top of the various hierarchical trees: owners / controllers of the medical / pharmaceutical establishment, senior politicians and media bosses with their propaganda machines have managed to pull the wool over peoples’ eyes for many, many years.

They have convinced almost everyone from health professionals, academia to Joe public that this highly expensive profit-based model is the only way to handle illness. It is definitely NOT the case as research has shown with all the necessary facts and figures, including comments from expert eminent scientists and suchlike.

-They don’t want you to know that unlike the medical / pharmaceutical establishment’s regime with expensive drugs, there are cheap, non-toxic alternative successful cures with very little or no side-effects. If the public at large knew about these cheap alternatives, the elite would no longer have a hold with their huge profits and power…

Consequently, countless numbers of individuals have died and of course are still dying, falling victim to those mortal illnesses. Who knows, if only they had known about the life-saving potential of alternative cures… and what about their uses as prevention?

It should be noted that doctors do not cure disease; they only diagnose and treat the symptoms, ignoring the underlying root cause:

The analogy goes like this. If I fully turned on the taps at your kitchen sink and left you to deal with the water filling up faster than what was getting away down the plug-hole would you: Use a mop and bucket to remove the water (treat the symptoms) or turn the taps off (deal with the underlying root-cause)?

This is what happens when using pharmaceutical drug-based therapies. They only treat the symptoms of the disease which will forever return, guaranteeing repeat business. This is indeed all part of the deception.

Also, without knowing there have been many cases where doctors have killed off patients with prescribed drugs: The pharmaceutical cartel has misled them into believing that, at times, certain treatment is appropriate when it is not.

Doctors may have been misguided through being unaware of the alternative treatment available, or they have taken actions based on data from monumental mistakes or falsified results that have come from medical research, or they have been misinformed…

-Sadly all of which goes in favour of the money-spinning wheel propagated by the cash-happy elite and their pharmaceutical ‘solutions.’

The cheap natural alternative therapies that can get to the root-cause of illness and cure are based on diet, the mind-body-spirit connection and environmental factors… This should be noted with an enquiring mind and willingness to do your own research.

The following outlines how the cheap alternative therapies work and how they are applied to

1. Heart disease

2. Cancer

3. Diabetes

Before I give an outline beware of the mass media and their attempts to invalidate these cures, they may be sponsored by the pharmaceutical establishment, after all, they can’t have these alternatives undercutting their business…

1. Heart Disease

A unified cure for heart disease had been achieved years ago and it basically goes like this:

-Heart disease is the effect of a long-term deficiency in vitamin C. Therefore, heart disease should really be called long-term scurvy.

-Linus Pauling put forward a unified theory based on the above and found a cure for heart disease.

-The medical / pharmaceutical establishment have kept Pauling’s cheap vital life-saving information suppressed so they can continue to profiteer on treatment that does not cure, only treat symptoms.

-Die and lifestyle can not only prevent but reverse heart disease.

-The idea that high cholesterol is always indicative that a heart attack is on its way is a myth.

-Cholesterol lowering drugs such as statins are a multi-billion dollar deception.

-Far more progress than what has been made out to be can be achieved through reducing heart unfriendly foods.

2. Cancer

-In line with other diseases the medical / pharmaceutical establishment will not have their business undercut. They will not tell you that there are highly effective non-toxic, non-invasive, cheap and natural alternatives with good success rates for curing cancer.

-Metabolic nutritional therapy, a strict specific and sometimes austere dietary regime is the key to curing oneself of cancer.

-It is crucial to eat healthy food, exercise, avoid environmental toxicity and have a positive outlook on life for cancer avoidance.

3. Diabetes

-For type 1 diabetes successful cure rates have been found using a way of treating this form of auto-immune disease. It was caused by a viral infection that had come from medical /pharmaceutical treatment, usually from vaccinations or antibiotics during early childhood which had devastated the immune system…

-The solution is not to interfere with the body’s immune system but to support it, as was found by Dr Johann Georg Schnitzer.

-For type-2 diabetes the answer lies in diet (NOT the conventional diabetes diet), staying well hydrated, getting regular exercise and having a positive outlook on life.


This outlines the naturopathic approaches to heart disease, cancer and diabetes. There are cheap, natural, non-toxic and non-invasive cures for other diseases with the same basic underlying principles: Diet, exercise, environment and the mind-body-spirit connection associated with outlook on life. I hope that I have encouraged you the reader do your own research.

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Why Health Insurance

The healthcare sector in India has seen vast changes. Undoubtedly, the life expectancy has increased taking into consideration certain health reforms but simultaneously the treatment cost has also increased. In the coming years, the health care cost is certainly going to shoot up more. Hence, if you buy a health insurance plan at a young age you can reap its benefits as you age.
Health insurance plays a vital role in financial planning. The contingency reserve that you may need to set aside to take care of your health may be insufficient as the time progresses. In addition, a sudden medical expense would disturb your financial planning and turn out to be an obstacle in fulfilling your other liabilities.

How does health insurance plan work?

Your health insurance plan functions as specified below.

Cashless Health Insurance

When you purchase a policy, you get a mediclaim card, list of network hospitals and all the essential contact numbers of your service provider. If you plan to avail treatment in network hospital just need to inform your insurance provider around 48 hours in advance for cashless approval. Once the approval comes you need not shell out even a single penny from your pocket.

Reimbursement Facility

If you avail treatment in non-network hospital then you can claim reimbursement by submitting original bills and other required documents. Once the documents are verified the amount is refunded within stipulated time frame. Ensure that you provide all the listed documents otherwise your claim process would take time. The customer service centers are always available at your service to let you know the whole process. In case of any clarification, do get in touch with them.

The health insurance plans also take care of ambulance charges, pre and post hospitalization expenses, room charges, doctors fees, and medicinal cost pertaining to the illness for which you have been hospitalized.

Facts to consider before buying health insurance

Pre-existing disease: Check for the coverage of pre-existing disease after a waiting period of some months.
Mandatory co-payment: Co-payment is certain amount of expense that must be borne by the policyholder. Some of the insurance providers have this as mandatory feature. Hence, decide the provider accordingly.

Life-time renewability option: Your policy should have life-time renewability option as you require the policy more as you age.
Cap to the room rent: It is good to check if there is cap to the room rent during hospitalization otherwise you can end up in exhausting your policy amount unnecessarily.

Policy exclusions: Do read carefully the policy exclusions so that you are aware of what benefits you hold and what challenges you may face.

Enhance Your Vision and Personality with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are great for improving your vision and giving you the freedom from wearing glasses. Whether it is for a sport, party or a makeover, contacts suit all occasions and can be worn every day. If you are planning to go for a holiday, simply switch your glasses with lenses to look your best in all the photographs. Here are a few a benefits of wearing lenses.

Contact Lenses provide a healthy, comfortable and convenient vision correction option. They are simple and easy to wear and suit almost everyone. They also offer a more natural vision as they are worn right on the eye, helping you to enjoy life the way you want to. Apart from giving you a natural vision, lenses remove all obstructions or reflections that are in view.

Lenses help to bring the entire field of vision in focus, making it the ideal choice for sportsman. Contact lenses enable vision clarity during sports and leisure activities by providing a wider field of view, less chance of dislodgement, fogging and slipping off the face because of sweat and dirt. With contacts on, you can wear sunglasses and protective eyewear on top without facing any discomfort. Apart from offering an enhanced peripheral vision and appearance, lenses also ensure better visual acuity to improve the performance of seasoned athletes.

Apart with adults, children also benefit from wearing lenses. Several studies have shown that children and adolescents who wear lenses have improved self-esteem and vision. With proper training and guidance from optometrists, children can wear lenses in the long term. Children will also experience clear, comfortable binocular vision for good reading, comprehension and learning. Apart from proper vision, Contact Lenses and Contacts also help enhance the physical appearance of the children making them feel more confident while socializing and participating in various activities.

Lenses are quite easy to clean and maintain. Before wearing or removing them, always wash your hands with soap and pat dry with a cloth to ensure that your eyes and lenses don’t get layered with dust. Once you have removed the lenses, clean them with a soluble liquid that the doctor has suggested. After cleaning, put them back into their cases and be careful to keep the right one in the right compartment.

If you want to buy lenses that are perfect for you, then check out different online sites that offer the best eye care brands. is a great site to fulfill all your eye care needs for it offers a wide range of top brands like Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb, Biofinity and more. Simply log on to their site and avail their great discounts and bargains. With their online discount offers on volume purchase, allows you to save money and buy more.

Review of Health and Wellness

Health And WellnessWhy are we writing this Health and Wellness Industry Review? What’s the big deal about Health and Wellness? The answer lies in the convergence of two trends. The first trend was sparked by the fact that the Baby Boomers are living longer than previous generations ever have in the past. They’re looking at ways to keep themselves healthy, active and vital so that they can enjoy life into their later years. They’re focusing on being well – or “Wellness” instead of waiting to get sick and just reacting to it with medications.

The second trend, is also at least partly the result of baby boomers and the longer life span of the population in general. What options are available to people now to ensure that they have the money to enjoy their retirement – sometimes for the next 20, 30 or 40 years? Now that the old financial system has broken down, everyone needs to be looking at how they’re going to provide a passive, residual income stream for their future.

Thus, we get the birth of an industry – Health and Wellness.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, lots of people are thinking about launching a home based business.
With the economy the way it is, and unemployment rates growing, it’s no wonder some are turning to a home business as a way to make a living.

But how do you decide what to do? So many choices out there, so many “business opportunities” screaming “I am the best opportunity-make lots of money…fast…easy…overnight…” and on and on it goes.

Hopefully you’ve gone through our other articles to help you and guide you down the path that’s right for you.

When you’re trying to decide what type of home business you want to set up, of course it’s a good idea to take a look at which industries are popular – and will continue to grow.

We’re going to focus on an industry that has absolutely exploded – and is anticipated to continue to grow for years to come – the Health and Wellness Industry. People who have become involved in this industry are finding it extremely lucrative and are poised to do quite well financially in the future.

The Health and Wellness Industry is concerned with prevention of illness and disease.
This is different from Health industry which includes doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. This industry focuses on treating the symptoms of illness, and not on prevention of sickness, and or helping people feel healthier.

The Health and Wellness Industry is expected to be a $1 trillion dollar industry by 2010. This industry includes nutritional supplements, juices, health/fitness clubs, chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy, and holistic health care. So what are the forces making the Health and Wellness industry so hot?

The economic downturn has affected peoples’ ability to spend money on insurance, doctor visits, and hospital stays. People are focusing on prevention of sickness and disease: According to cNMI (Natural Marketing Institute) President Maryellen Molyneaux:

“NMI research clearly shows that the current economic downturn is changing consumer behavior on many levels, including spending related to health and wellness. So while sales in each category continue to grow, consumers are becoming more discerning and are looking for real value in their purchases and not just the perceived value. This shift in behavior will impact manufacturers and retailers not just short-term but also in the future. With the economic future unclear, NMI projects that the health and wellness industry as a whole will remain relatively stable over the next five years at approximately 7% growth each year.”

More and more people are searching for ways to prevent illness and improve the quality of their life through better health. Many people feel that the nature of western medicine is treating symptoms, rather than preventing disease. They also feel that what traditional medicine does best is treating emergencies, not not keeping people from getting sick in the first place.

Many Doctors and scientists have dedicated their lives to finding natural “cures” for common “dis-eases” and have embraced a natural approach to treating peoples’ conditions.

Pharmaceutical concerns: There is growing mistrust in the general population towards the pharmaceutical industry. Side effects of medications are often serious, and sometimes even lethal.

Lawsuits and product recalls are making people leery of just taking a pill in hopes of getting better. The majority of prescriptions are merely to treat symptoms of sickness, not in curing or preventing disease.

This is creating lifetime customers. Pharmaceuticals are being designed to be taken for life – and people are becoming aware of the dangers of this to their health.

People are living longer. And they want to be healthy doing it. Life spans keeps getting longer, and people are willing to invest in their health more now than ever before. They are seeking ways to feeling good, staying well, and having health and vitality – and are turning to the Health and Wellness Industry for the answers.

Self-Pleasuring Tips – Do’s and Don’ts for Maximum Pleasure

When it comes to self-pleasuring, there’s no magic number that captures the ideal frequency for health and sensual well-being. Cranking the rod is certainly good for it – when it comes to performance ability, the rule is generally “use it or lose it.” Not all self-pleasuring techniques are healthy, however, and some can just get old. For optimal sensual function and male organ health, men should consider the following four self-pleasuring tips.

1) Avoid the death grip.  Squeezing real hard and going to town might feel great in the moment, but it can lead to reduced sensation and pleasure when with a partner. That’s because this self-pleasuring method trains the male organ to respond to this particular type of pressure, and only to this. Men who strangle the tool during solo play may find that the sensation when inside a partner’s body is quite different, and the male organ may not feel as much pleasure as it could. This can lead to performance and relationship problems.

2) Avoid the hardcore stuff.  It’s natural to be curious about the breadth of visual stimuli out there – and, thanks to the internet, the territory is vast indeed. However, regularly watching very hardcore, extreme adult videos can, like implementing the death grip, train the male organ to respond to a narrow and unrealistic range of visual stimuli or scenarios. Since many of the things seen in extreme videos are not likely to be recreated with a partner, at least not every time, sensual function can suffer.

3) Switch up the technique.  There are many different ways to self-gratify. Most men use the full hand wrapped around the rod and have a routine involving certain rhythms and variations on grip tightness. If this is feeling stale, or if a man just wants new experiences, he can try some of the following exciting methods:

– Thrusting into the hand – rather than moving the hand up and down, lube it up and thrust the male organ in and out as if it were a body orifice of a partner.

– Focus on the base – the base of the male organ is highly sensitive in some men, but doesn’t always receive due focus.

– Palm play – apply lube to the palm and rub the head of the male organ against it.

– Alternating rings – make a ring around the base of the male organ with the forefinger and thumb of one hand and then slide it up to the head; once there, do the same with the opposite hand and continue alternating.

– Incorporate the balls – some men find they enjoy pulling the sac down rhythmically or massaging it, especially when nearing release.

– Edging – a man can perform this practice by bringing himself near the point of release, then stopping, waiting for the tumescence to soften slightly, then starting the process again, repeating three or four times. The resulting release will be very intense.

4) Use lube.  Friction is pleasurable, but a lack of adequate lubrication can lead to a dry, raw and sore male organ. This may cause delays in one’s ability to self-pleasure again or to have intimacy with a partner. Keeping the hand lubed up will help men protect their members from damage.

Men can keep their members in tip-top shape by washing in warm water daily; they can up their male organ care routine with the daily application of a quality male organ health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Use after a vigorous solo play session will help soften and smooth out the skin, thanks to ingredients like Shea butter and Vitamin E. Another skin-friendly ingredient to look for is vitamin C, which promotes collagen production and, therefore, youthful-looking skin. Also look for vitamin A, whose antibacterial properties help fend off unwanted odors.

Visit for more information most common male organ health issues, tips on improving male organ sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy male organ. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.